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Water Treatment Products

Goods to the value of £50.00 excluding vat will be shipped free of charge to the UK.
Excluding the HIGHLANDS and Islands.

Spun PP Sediment Cartridges

10" x 2.5" Sediment Cartridge
£3.12 inc VAT

Wound PP Sediment Cartridges

Polypropylene Core
£4.32 inc VAT

MDPE Compression Fittings

Male Adaptor
£4.50 inc VAT

MDPE Compression Fittings

90 deg. Elbow
£6.72 inc VAT

PBH Bag Filters

Polypropylene Bags
£6.72 inc VAT

GAC Carbon Filter

Granular Activated Carbon
£6.90 inc VAT

Mounting Bracket & Spanner

for 10" Std. Housings
£7.14 inc VAT

In-Line Carbon Filter

Coconut shell Carbon
£7.20 inc VAT

PBH Nylon Bag Filters

Nylon Filter Bags
£7.80 inc VAT

Carbon Block Cartridges

10" x 2.5"
£8.10 inc VAT

Pleated Sediment Cartridges

Sediment Removal
£8.16 inc VAT

Pressure Gauge

£18.00 inc VAT

Softener Resin Cartridges

1 x Scale reduction
£20.39 inc VAT

Ceramic Cartridge

£20.39 inc VAT

Ceramic/carbon Cartridge

Dual Ceramic/carbon combination
£22.79 inc VAT

10" Big Carbon BLock

10" x 4.5"
£25.56 inc VAT

In-Line undersink Filter Unit

£31.19 inc VAT

Flow Meters

£31.80 inc VAT

20" Slim LIne Filter Housing

Uses 20" x 2.5" Cartridges
£35.94 inc VAT

10" Big Blue Filter Housing

£35.94 inc VAT Was £46.20

20" Carbon Block

20" x 4.5"
£35.99 inc VAT

Dual Mounting Bracket

For BIG BLUE Housings
£38.40 inc VAT

50 gpd R.O.Filters

Replacement Filters Only
£43.20 inc VAT

10" Stainless Steel Filter Housing

£54.00 inc VAT

20" Big Blue Filter Housing

£54.00 inc VAT Was £68.40

10x54 Media Vessel

£75.60 inc VAT

14x65 Media Vessel

£156.00 inc VAT

16x65 Media Vessel

£174.00 inc VAT

Stainless Steel Housings

£180.00 inc VAT

10" Bag Filter Housing

£246.00 inc VAT

20" Bag Filter Housing

£264.00 inc VAT

20" Bag Filter Housing 1.5" BSP Ports

Pentair Bag Filter
£264.00 inc VAT

Whole House Filtration

£358.80 inc VAT

Sediment Filter

£744.00 inc VAT

pH Correction

£750.00 inc VAT

50 lts. Simlex Water Softener

Metered Valve
£810.00 inc VAT

Carbon Filter

£810.00 inc VAT