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316 Stainless Steel Needle Valve

Monday 7th August 2023

New Product Announcement 316 Precision Needle Valve now in stock. 316 stainless steel construction Precision Control Leak proof design Wide Temperature Range 3/4" BSP Connections Applications: Oil & Gas Industry Chemical Processing Pharmaceuticals Food & Beverage Marine The new needle valve features a stainless steel construction that is corrosion-resistant and Durable. It also has a ¾" BSP inlet and outlet ports, making it compatible with a wide range Of fittings and tubing. The T Bar handle provides a comfortable and secure grip for easy operation. The new 316 needle valve is now available ex-stock check product under Accessories.

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Medical POU Filters

Tuesday 14th March 2023

Deltaqua are pleased to now be stocking medical filters, these filters are used in Hospitals, clinics, Care Homes, and other areas requiring water, and control of Legionella, Pseudomonas, and other harmful bacteria by removing them from the water at the POU. With a range of Medical Shower and Tap filters, Point-Of-Use (POU) available including: -Sterile Tap Filter -In-Line POU Sterile Filter -Sterile Shower Filter -P O U Shower Handle Filter Each has a three-stage filtration 1st filter membrane in composite Polypropylene (1 um - 0.45 um) 2nd filter membrane in 0.2 um Polyethersulfone 3rd filter membrane in 0.1 um Polyethersulfone For more information on Deltaqua now stocking medical filters talk to Deltaqua International Ltd

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Duplex Water Softer Installation

Tuesday 5th October 2021

Deltaqua International Ltd have recently supplied and installed a Duplex softener and Reverse osmosis system to a Meditation complex in Stowmarket . This will ensure they have supply of softened water to their main meditation centre and out buildings in addition to supplying RO water for 5 tea urns throughout the dining Halls. The system used was a Duplex Water Softener was made to measure for the client and consisted of: Fleck 9500SXT Duplex water softener Service Flow Rate 7.6 m3/hr Max. Flow m3/hr (at 1.8bar pressure drop) Capacity Between Re-Generation: (litres @300ppm Total Hardness) Brine Tank: 750 lts capacity Meter Range (m3) 200 Vessel Size: 18x65 Brine Tank Size: 960 x 1250mm The reverse osmosis system RO System : AXION LP-500,…

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Wednesday 16th December 2020

Now in stock, our new 304 Stainless Steel Filter Housing, offers an economical alternative with a facility for mounting pressure gauge. This robust housing suitable for high temperature and chemicals and is available in 10" and 20" with 1" BSP Ports, with a secure locking mechanism and drain ports. Both the 10" and 20" are suitable for DOE 2.5" Dia. Cartridges. Product Details Here 20"Stainless Steel Housing

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Microplastics in water may carry bacteria that will harm your health

Thursday 22nd August 2019
Source Daily Mail August 22 2019

I came across an article in the Daily Mail which I think may be of interest, it seems that not only are we polluting the environment with plastic waste but we may also be polluting our bodies with fragments of plastic in drinking water which may contain harmful bacteria. See the full report on the link below: There are various solutions for removing harmful bacteria from drinking water, such as Ceramic filtration or UV sterilization. For more information see our Whole House Filtration and UV systems WHOLE HOUSE FILTER UV SYSTEMS

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WHY CHOOSE Ultraviolet Light Sterilisation?

Friday 16th August 2019

THIS DOCUMENT GENERALLY DESCRIBES THE PROPERTIES OF UV SYSTEMS IN ORDER TO KEEP YOU AND THE EQUIPMENT SAFE, READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE BEGINNING INSTALLATION OR OPERATION. PRODUCT APPLICATION UV water system is a popular, highly effective, and easy to use way to protect your water from living organisms. UV systems are used in homes, offices, and many commercial and industrial applications. What is UV Light and How it Works UV light is comprised of electromagnetic radiation of wavelengths ranging from 100 to 400 nanometres (nm). The UV Spectrum is divided into four regions, which are designated Vacuum UV, UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. UV-C or short- wave ultraviolet occurs between 200 -280nm and the optimum UV germicidal action at 265nm. It has strong disinfection ability, can…

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