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Water filter cartridges

We stock a large selection of Water Filter Cartridges available for next day delivery, these include Pleated Sediment, Spun PP, Wound PP, GAC Carbon, Carbon Block, Anti Scale and Ceramic cartridges. Specialist cartridges are available on request. We are always pleased to advise on cartridge selection based on our 25 years experience in supplying equipment.

Spun PP Sediment Cartridges

10" x 2.5" Sediment Cartridge
£2.22 inc VAT

Wound PP Sediment Cartridges

Polypropylene Core
£4.32 inc VAT

GAC Carbon Filter

Granular Activated Carbon
£6.90 inc VAT

In-Line Carbon Filter

Coconut shell Carbon
£7.20 inc VAT

PBH Bag Filters

Polypropylene Bags
£7.73 inc VAT

Carbon Block Cartridges

10" x 2.5"
£8.10 inc VAT

Pleated Sediment Cartridges

Sediment Removal
£8.16 inc VAT

PBH Nylon Bag Filters

Nylon Filter Bags
£8.40 inc VAT

Ceramic Cartridge

£20.39 inc VAT

Softener Resin Cartridges

1 x Scale reduction
£20.39 inc VAT

Combination Ceramic - Carbon Cartridge

10" x 2.5"
£22.79 inc VAT

10" Big Carbon Block

10" x 4.5"
£25.56 inc VAT

20" Carbon Block

20" x 4.5" Filter Cartridge
£35.99 inc VAT

Rio 2000

Ceramic Candle
£70.80 inc VAT