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Deltaqua builds and supply a range of Filtration systems for Private water supply such as boreholes, wells and springs.
Sediment Filtration, Iron/Manganese, pH correction, Carbon Filters are supplied in various sizes depending on raw water content & water consumption.
We recommend a water analysis be completed before any installation is undertaken.
Please contact us by email or telephone to discuss your requirements. Contact details are on the contact page.

Rio 2000

Ceramic Candle
£68.00 exc VAT
£81.60 inc VAT

Rio 2000 Ceramic Filter

Ceramic Candle set 10" Housing
£125.00 exc VAT
£150.00 inc VAT

Rio 2000 Duplex Filter

Dual Creamic-Sediment Filter
£205.00 exc VAT
£246.00 inc VAT

pH Correction

Acidic Water Neutralising
£220.00 exc VAT
£264.00 inc VAT

Whole House Water Filtration System

£345.00 exc VAT
£414.00 inc VAT

Water Sediment Filter

£735.00 exc VAT
£882.00 inc VAT

Water pH Correction System

£760.00 exc VAT
£912.00 inc VAT

Carbon Filter

£820.00 exc VAT
£984.00 inc VAT