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U V Sterilizer for water treatment - 2700 Litres Per Hour

£250.00 exc VAT
£300.00 inc VAT

Stainless Steel Body

45 Litres Per Min.

Max. Operating Pressure 8 bar/116 psi

3/4" Male BSP In/Out Ports

Overall Length 950mm

Ambient Temperature: 2-40 deg.C

Complete Stainless Steel UV System for water treatment - 2700 Litres per Hour (45 Lts. Per Min.)
Ultra Violet energy is radiated by special lamps. The U.V. rays penetrates the cell
membrane and destroys the DNA inside the cells, effectively destroying the organism
and its ability to reproduce.
Disinfects water by killing bacteria, viruses, mould and algae effectively and chemical-free.
U.V. disinfection is very fast, requires no additional chemicals or additives and cannot
be overdosed.
 Wells
 Homes
 Water Systems
 Food Service
 Water Coolers
Stainless Steel Body
Electronic control with visible and audible Alarm
Stainless Steel Body
45 Lts. Per MInute
Length: 950mm
Diameter: 63.5mm
Inlet/Outlet Ports: 3/4" BSP Male
Power Supply: 220 V/60Hz
Lamp: 55 Watt
Ambient Temperature: 2-40 deg.C
Maximum Operating Pressure: 8 bar/116psi

Stainless Steel U V System Complete with power supply UV Lamp and Quartz Sleeve
2700 Litres Per Hour (45 Limters per Min.)
Overall Length: 950 mm
Dia: 63.5mm
3/4" BSP In/Out Ports
Max. operating pressure 10 bar/145psi

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