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Duplex Water Softer Installation

Duplex Water Softer Installation

Tuesday 5th October 2021

Deltaqua International Ltd have recently supplied and installed a Duplex softener and Reverse osmosis system to a Meditation complex in Stowmarket . This will ensure they have supply of softened water to their main meditation centre and out buildings in addition to supplying RO water for 5 tea urns throughout the dining Halls.

The system used was a Duplex Water Softener was made to measure for the client and consisted of: Fleck 9500SXT Duplex water softener Service Flow Rate 7.6 m3/hr Max. Flow m3/hr (at 1.8bar pressure drop) Capacity Between Re-Generation: (litres @300ppm Total Hardness) Brine Tank: 750 lts capacity Meter Range (m3) 200 Vessel Size: 18x65 Brine Tank Size: 960 x 1250mm

The reverse osmosis system RO System : AXION LP-500, AXEON LP-Series Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems are engineered in response to the need within the light commercial market for a pump-less system. Relying solely on line pressure, the LP-Series systems provide lower operational costs for your customers and are easy to install and maintain. These systems are designed to be wall mounted and feature 10" slim line filters and housings and AXEON membranes and vessels. The LP-Series is available in models that produce 350 and 700 gallons per day (at a line pressure of 70 psi).

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