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Programmable Filter Valve

Complete Unit

1054 Media Vessel

By-Pass Valve

Service Flow Rate 34lts/min-2m3/hr

pH Correction system to neutralise acidic water from boreholes, wells and springs preventing damage to copper pipework and plumbing system.
The pH 1054 uses an automatic Filter valve to backwash the unit and clean the filter bed at a pre-determined time to prevent clogging the media bed.

The Filter media is depleted over time depending on water usage and will need to be replenished periodically.

All systems are built to order and available in various sizes depending on requirements.
Prior to installation it is recommended that a water analysis be done to ensure correct size and filtration equipment is selected.

This item is not available to purchase on-line, please call or email your details and one of our technical advisers would be pleased to assist with your system requirements.

1054 Media Vessel - with pH correction media with Filter Valve - By-Pass Valve - Drain Line

Backwash flow rate required 37.85 lpm
Service flow rate: 34 lpm/ 2.04m3 per hour