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£125.00 exc VAT
£150.00 inc VAT

10" BIG Filter Housing with 6 Ceramic Candles

Rio 2000 Doulton Sterasyl Candles

1" In/Out Ports

0.9 micron rating Nominal (>99.9%)

Removes Harmful Bacteria

Max; Working pressure 100 psi

Complete with Mounting Bracket,Spanner & Screws

Bacteria free drinking water

10" Big Blue Housing with Bracket Spanner and Screws
1 set of 6 Rio 2000 Doulton Ceramic Candles (Fitted)

Suitable for use with private water supplies.

Removes harmful bacteria and provides bacteria free drinking water.

High efficiency Filter - 99.99% plus filtration of bacteria, cysts and particles.
Bacteria E. coli >99.9%
Vibrio Cholerae >99.99%
Shingella >99.99%
Salmonella (Typhoid) >99.99%
Klebsiella >99.99%
Cryptosporidium >99.99%
Giardia >99.99%
Long Life/ Economical system - cleanable filter surface

Anti-bacterial Action- Proprietary system to prevent bacterial growth.

Retains essential minerals

No Power Required