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£820.00 exc VAT
£984.00 inc VAT

Flow Rate: 1.7m3/hr

Min Backwash Flow Rate:2m3/hr

Removes : Organics

Automatic Filter Control Valve

Activated Carbon

By-Pass Valve

High quality activated carbon filter used to remove Volatile organics, colour, taste and odours.
Complete with drain line, By-Pass Valve & Control Valve.
1" In/Out Connections
All systems are built to order and available in various sizes depending on requirements.
Prior to installation it is recommended that a water analysis be done to ensure correct size and filtration equipment is selected.

This item is not available to purchase on-line, please call or email your details and one of our technical advisers would be pleased to assist with your system requirements.

Removes volatile organics, colour, taste and odours.