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50 lts. Simlex Water Softener

£675.00 exc VAT
£810.00 inc VAT

Programmable Clack Metered Valve

Service Flow Rate 2m3/hour

50lts Brine Tank

1054 Vessel

High Quality Softener Resin

By-Pass Valve

Max.Flow Rate 2.3m3/hr

50 lts. Simplex Softener with Clack metered Valve (1" Connections)
System consists of :
1 x 1054 media vessel with softener resin
1 x metered Clack Valve complete with power supply
1 x 50 lts. Brine Tank
1 x 2 mts. Drain Line
1 x By-Pass Valve assemble
1 x Adaptor Kit
1 x riser Tube with top/bottom basket
1 x 50 lt. Brine Tank

Our softeners are built to order and are non-returnable.
All softeners carry a 1 year parts guarantee.

Terms and Conditions

50 Lt. Water Softener
Clack Metered Control Valve -allows automatic regeneration at a given time or after exhausting capacity of system.
1054 Media Vessel
Volume Capacity @300ppm 8.3m3
Service Flow Rate: 2m3/hr
Slat used per regeneration 7.5Kgs.
1" Inlet/outlet BSP