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1994-2019 Deltaqua's 25th. Year in Business

1994-2019 Deltaqua's 25th. Year in Business

Friday 16th August 2019

We would like to proudly announce that August 2019 will be the 25th anniversary for Deltaqua International LTD. The Company was established at the end of August 1994 and continues to supply Water Treatment products to domestic, Commercial and Industrial clients with quality service.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our clients for their support and business over the past 25 years without whom we would not be here. We will continue to offer our products, services and advice on water treatment requirements systems with the same level of service and customer care that has enabled us to continue as a successful business.
We continue to stock our range of filtration products which include: Filter Housings, Filter Cartridges, Water Softeners, pH Correction, Carbon Filtration, Reverse Osmosis, U.V. Systems Whole House Filtration and larger sediment filtration systems for boreholes & wells, all of which are available at:
We have just introduced a new range U.V. systems to treat up to 30 litres or 45 litres per minute, depending on your requirements. These stainless-steel units with electronic ballast are competitively priced. System Capacities from 19 lpm to 45 lpm. (litres per minute) click link below for more information.



In relation to the pending withdrawal of the U.K. from The European Union, it appears that we will no longer be able to use our website. We were informed by our webmaster that our primary website, "Deltaqua.EU" would cease to function due to licensing reasons. Regardless of the outcome, we will continue to offer the products and services we have done for the last 25 years.
Because of this, during the course of the last 1 year we have worked to upgrade and revamp our "". While our "deltaqua.EU" website seems to still be working for the moment, we do not know for how much longer and highly recommend using "". With our most recent top quality product range available, you can check out with ease using Credit and Debit Cards or PayPal. Alternatively, we are happy to receive orders over the phone during office hours with our excellent customer service.